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Set of 6 coffee cups and saucers “Diamond” Gold collection


Boxed set 6 Coffee cups and bevelled saucers, decorated with genuine gold gloss.

These pieces are entirely designed and handpainted in our workshop on prestigious French porcelain.

This model is an exclusive Barbeau et Barbotine model.

Volume : 10cl.

Length (saucer): 120 mm. Height x Diameter (cup): 70 mm x 50 mm.

Price incl. VAT : 2400,00 Euros.

In stock (can be backordered)



Combining originality and exceptional know-how, Barbeau et Barbotine offers you the Diamond collection. It is born from a common marriage between creativity and modernity.
A resolutely contemporary line of cups and saucers that will give your table a chic and unexpected glow.
The bevelled cups and saucers in prestigious French porcelain are made exclusively for Barbeau et Barbotine.

The boxed set of 6 Coffee cups and bevelled saucers, decorated with gold and genuine platinum gloss, is entirely handpainted in our Parisian workshop on prestigious French porcelain to make your table unique.

Our unique service decorated with gold and genuine platinum gloss gives the collection a surprising and refined touch of character.
The Diamond collection is available in two versions of precious metals (gold or platinum) as well as in two versions of sets (two pieces or six pieces).

Length (saucer): 120 mm. Height x Diameter (cup): 70 mm x 50 mm.

All our porcelains gilded with fine gold or platinum are dishwasher safe. Use a gentle wash cycle and a gentle air drying cycle.
Our cups and saucers can be handwashed and dried with a soft towel.
Do not overload the dishwasher.
Avoid abrasive soaps and detergents containing citrus scents or additives.
After use, rinse with hot water to avoid prolonged contact with acidic substances that can stain the metal finish.
When storing, stack carefully to avoid scratches.
Parts made of precious materials are not suitable for use in the microwave.