Welcome to Barbeau & Barbotine

B&B is all the richness and expertise of French art at the service of porcelain painting.
Refinement and creativity are at the rendezvous for a perfect marriage between precious material and savoir-faire.
All our creations are handmade in our Parisian workshop on fine Limoges porcelain in the purest tradition of porcelain painting.

Barbeau & Barbotine’s painters can create custom models according to your wishes. Each piece is unique.

The workshop offers you a range of original creations or fully customizable decors.

Barbeau & Barbotine uses its savoir-faire to serve the Grandes Maisons de Luxe Françaises.

The range of white porcelains is vastly diversified and the range of colours very wide.

For more information or a quote, please fill in the form or contact the workshop directly.